dear friends

illuminatus stands for honesty and integrity. it is why we write our kind of music; why we sing about our kind of issues; and why we play to our kind of fans.

we take pride in the effort we put into this love of ours, which was never aimed at making money, or being famous, or conforming to anything other than our own goals and expectations.

for ten years we have followed this path. and it took us to places we never expected, gave us experiences we could have never hoped for, and made us create music we only ever dreamed of. but as all creative people out there can attest to, success will always come at a cost.

we had several line-up changes over the years, with the last being our bassist and friend Leo Giovazzini effectively leaving the band last summer due to injury. we managed to continue touring through the year, with our friend and founding member Mark Freestone helping out on bass. but we have now reached a point where we have to decide if and how we want to go on.

and at this point we simply are not able to face our fans and claim to offer the same energy, as we did when we first started. and we have therefore decided to call a halt to our band operations.

we do not know if this is forever, especially as we have seen far too many “band re-united” tours to want to claim that that is the case. we are also all continuing to be creative in our own ways. and we are discussing maybe playing one last show together in Nottingham, as a tribute to our fans, and perhaps releasing more video or other snippets from our archives.

but to continue writing and touring as a band at this point, would not give our music the honesty and passion it deserves.

we must therefore bid you all farewell. and we leave you with our latest video “You’ll Never Know What This Means” as a fitting dedication to all those who understand our struggle. and all of those who do not.

we thank you for ten years of unbelievable joy.

we love you all.

julio – jon – felix


Hawklords, Porkswords and Merch

After an extremely successful, not to mention fun, trip to Belgium, Holland and Germany with the mighty Hawklords (aka, Porkswords), we’re back and settled into the build up to Damnation Festival on November 5th.  The guys from the Hawklords were an absolute bunch of Gentleman and it was a pleasure playing with some of the most talented musicians we’d ever met.  The tour wound up in Bierhof, Berlin at an outdoor stage in the middle of the park playing the “Silver Machine Festival”.  It was a fitting end to a great tour and thanks to all who supported us on tour and came to the shows.  Check Facebook for photos!

We’ve also upgraded our merch and added two new designs to our store.  The Eagle shirt was particularly popular on tour!  It was designed by Nottingham’s Michael Cowell and features an intricate, hand drawn design.  We’ve also bought back the first shirts we ever made, black shirts with our logo on the front.  Since we ran out of the first batch, people have been asking us to print these ever since.  We’ve even got girly shirts this time too.

Review on No Clean Singing

This is an interesting one: a website that focuses on extreme metal, a reviewer that prefers extreme metal, and some tough rules that normally only allow the reviewer to listen and write about a single track from an artist.  Despite that, they’ve given us a great review and a personal message from the reviewer himself.

Read more here: http://www.nocleansinging.com/2011/08/21/miscellany-no-33-illuminatus-arkona-and-satevis/

And don’t stop there, keep reading.  There are some excellent reviews on nocleansinging.com.

8/10 from Dead Press

Another great review here from deadpress.co.uk.  The reviewer picked up on one of the important parts of the album for us: the flow between the tracks.

“The entire album is perfectly organised, and sounds as if it’s one everlasting song. The changeovers between tracks are brilliant, and combining that with the fantastic sound these guys produce you have an album perfect to sit back and listen to.”

It’s always been important to us to create albums that work as complete pieces of music and it’s great to get recognition for that.

Read the full review here: http://www.deadpress.co.uk/6667/album-illuminatus-glasnost/

9/10 from Germany’s Power Metal Zine

Another belting review here from the German web-press.  The introductory paragraph shows something we’re really proud of – listeners n0t knowing what to suspect and being and being extremely happy with what they’re listening to.  To quote Google translate’s version of the article:

“It’s always nice when you discover totally unprepared and without any expectation of bands for themselves. ILLUMINATUS is one such band that has recorded with “Glasnost” is a wonderful album.”

You can read the full review here: http://powermetal.de/review/review-Illuminatus/Glasnost,18753.html