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illuminatus are one Spaniard, one German, one Italian and one English gent. They deal in expansive soundscapes, razor-sharp dynamics and no-nonsense melodic song-writing. For illuminatus there exists no scene; no bandwagon; no fashion war.

With the release of ‘Glasnost’, their second full length studio album, illuminatus have established themselves as THE up-and-coming band of 2011. Recorded in Hannover, Germany, in June 2010 by producer Willi Dammeier (Apoptygma Berzerk, Fony, Symphony Cult) and released via Headroom Records in February 2011, the press reactions for the album were again extremely positive – “A fusion of explosive but controlled heaviness, melody and nerve-jangling emotion” (Metalteam UK), “Such an organic, rounded and great album is rarely heard” (Legacy Magazine, Germany), “An absolute highlight, and not just for this year” (Big Five Magazine, Germany).

The band’s unique brand of melodic and powerful music continues to find them airplay on many of the UK’s and European rock radio shows – Bruce Dickinson’s Rock Show (BBC6, UK), A-listed on Total Rock Radio (UK), Aardschok Radio (Kink FM, Netherlands), Metal Zone Radio (Belgium), Symphonium Radio (Radio 5, Norway). And a club promo campaign run in March and April  2011 consistently returned a 90% approval rate from both DJ’s and clubbers.

Building on the success of their touring experiences with Ministry (C-U-LaTour 2008), My Ruin (Religiosi Tour 2008), Breed77 & Susperia (Insects & Attitude Tour 2009) and Rise To Addiction (Co-Headline Tour 2009), and previous festival appearances at the Bloodstock Festival, the Fordham Music Fest, the Bulldog Bash and Denmark’s Midwinter Meltdown Festival, illuminatus have just completed a further successful headline tour promoting Glasnost in the UK and Europe and are now preparing for their first time appearance at the Download Festival on Sunday, 12th June 2011, followed up by a tour across Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany with Hawklords in September of this year.


“As fine a debut album as you’re likely to hear from a bunch of metallic upstarts all year.”
Metal Hammer

“This is serious music for serious people. It’s progressive rock but comparable more to the likes of Anathema or even, at a stretch, Oceansize. Illuminatus have built these ominous and grand movements slowly, developing their art on the road over many years. The result is seething alt rock with a creative soul.”

“Melodic, atmospheric, powerful, the foursome have been on the edge of something special for ages. Now debut album “The Wrath of the Lambs” threatens to make them heroes for 2008. Get excited now”
RockSound, February 2008

“Some of the most beautiful, moving music I’ve heard since last witnessing Anathema live”
Powerplay Magazine

Wer das “Infernal Love”-Album daheim stehen hat und verehrt, wird illuminatus lieben. [14 Punkte]
Patric Knittel, Legacy Magazine

Ein Spanier, ein Deutscher, ein Engländer und ein Italiener zelebrieren auf “The Rising Tide” ganz großes, melodisches Kino. Jeder Song ist ein kleiner Volltreffer und ich bin sehr auf das nächste vollständige Album gespannt. Mein Geheimtipp des Monats! [12/15]
My Revelations Fanzine

The Band

Julio Taylor – Guitar / Voice
Jon Martin – Guitar
Leo Giovazzini – Bass
Felix Rullhusen – Drums

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